Sunday, April 21, 2013

Open Letter to Fans and Sponsors

Friends and Fans,

This is Franko-T Elvis begging for donations again. I want to thank all of my Fans for their moral support and those friends who came forward and gave me financial support for gas to get to the Veterans homes in Nevada and Arizona in April.

Earlier this month I traveled to Boulder City Nevada and the staff and residents there were so kind to me; I cant wait to make a return visit but I must get to all the others first.

I then rolled into Phoenix Arizona and caught a sinus infection but I went on with the show for the Veterans. WOW the folks there were so cool! They were having a BBQ out front on that beautiful morning of my performance and everyone was having so much fun. When I finished in Arizona, I had to cut my tour short because I could not sing due to my illness and unfortunately I could not continue on to New Mexico and Colorado.

My infection is getting better and I'm ready to hit the road again. I need help from my fans and the big companies with gas money so I can perform for our veterans and make them happy and to pay our veterans back for what they did for you and me and our great country and our freedom. I would like to encourage these big companies to wake up and invest their money in America helping Americans first before the rest of the world. I want so bad to get to the veterans in the rest of the states to do my shows. Many of the veterans don’t and can’t get out to see live shows and many of the other entertainers are not willing to give their time and efforts as I do to entertain the veterans that fought for our country. That’s why I need your help to show the Veterans we care and won’t forget them. I know I can’t let them down, every job I do I put $20.00 towards my veterans tour gas bill so I can raise money to go toward the next show.

If I can raise enough funds to continue my veterans tour, I’m leaving June 1st 2013. I love putting smiles on their faces many who haven’t had the opportunity to just let their thoughts go and feel happy again for a little while, it’s a great feeling to see their smiles. If I don't get donations I will have to use my own funds and limit my tours to two states at a time.

I have a maintenance company in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am an army of one. I’m a small business but I do OK. Many of the people in Utah go with the bigger businesses and don’t give the small guys like me a chance and I charge half the price. So do the math and call me for anything you need fixing and if I can’t do it, I know somebody that can. My number is 801-604-3331. If you want to donate money my address is Frank Trujillo P.O. BOX 65295 Salt Lake City, Utah 84165 and I have also set up a Paypal link on my web page. Paypal Donation Form

Thank you very much!

Franko T Elvis


 Please Donate to help my fuel expenses during 
my Free Veteran's Home Concerts across the USA.

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